Announcing A Dire Situation

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"In Pholli, the wise know that the structures they bludgeon their neighbors with will become the rubble they bury themselves in.

There are, unfortunately, very few wise people that reside within Pholli."

-Exquisiarch Vourtel, current holder of the highest office of Pholli governance.

To my dear friends of the Lunar Veil,

I am pleased to announce our first project, A Dire SituationA Dire Situation is a role-playing game about ambitious and desperate people grasping for control and agency with gloves made of fragile semblances of power. The game is intended for short play, as players reveal and resolve their story over the course of an evening. Like Pierre Choderlos de Laclos's Dangerous Liaisons, A Dire Situation is experienced through an epistolary format. The game is played through written letters at the table, punctuated by the occasional stirring scene. The text presents the city of Pholli as a setting full of strange tales for players to step right into, but the game also supports each table improvising their own fresh scenarios and settings on the spot! 

A Dire Situation may share Dangerous Liaisons' poignant core, but its accessible and unusual mechanics as well as its dramatic flair invite players to come together and collaborate in weaving often surprising stories where things will darkly, and hilariously, fall apart. I expect it to arrive in your hands in the first half of 2019, but until then, we'll be sharing many exciting updates as it is pulled together.

With rather palpable excitement and thanks,
- Jabari W.


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